You’re Awesome!

It’s Friday night (or Saturday morning for some). I’m sitting in the studio right now listening to my wife and our producer Brandon work on one of the new songs.

Just a quick shout out to Brandon. He is a legend and if you’re interested in making music you should call him and pay him lots of money to do it! 🙂 You can do that here.

Okay back to it. As I was driving I was thinking and talking to the Holy Spirit. I started thinking about the blog and what I should write about next. I felt the Holy Spirit say “just tell people how awesome they are!” Now, I know I can’t speak specifically to whoever will read this BUT if you’re reading this I want you to read it like I’m writing to you and only to you.

Here is why YOU ARE AWESOME!

You are made in the image of God. You’re inherently beautiful and unique and creative. When God made you He put some of Him, His image inside of you. The things that you think are flaws or undesirable are the very things that God loves, the things that make you unique. God’s not looking at you wishing you would change or “get your act together”. God’s looking at you with love, happy with how he made you and proud of where you are in your journey and process in becoming like Him!

You are passionate. You have that one thing or maybe a bunch of things that make you come alive. You love creating things, reading books, or sitting and talking with people and you’re amazing at it. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t or that you’re not good enough. If you don’t feel passionate, find that thing or things that make you excited. At any cost find it. Make room for them, do them often.

You are you. No one can be you. You’re awesome cause you are you. Should I say it again? There is no one like you! You’re awesome cause there is no other person EVER that’s like you. The way you smile, laugh, cry and dance has never been seen and will never be seen unless you let us see. The music you listen to, the shows you like to watch, the food you like to eat is what only you would do. The combination of those things together has never been and will never be again, so let us see it. Let us experience you, the REAL you, cause WE ALL THINK YOU’RE AWESOME!

From one awesome person to another, I want to say…


There is only one you, and you’re awesome. God made you to be you, and you have to, please you have to be yourself!

Also how cute that picture? Wow, what a couple! 😉


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