You know those things? Those things that are so important to living a full healthy vibrant life? Those things that are so important and yet somehow in the midst of life, they end up getting lost, forgotten or misplaced. For some reason they get far from the front of our minds. They slip away.

The Holy Spirit in his unlimited kindness reminded me of something that I let slip away.


Thankfulness is a key. It unlocks joy, happiness and satisfaction in life. When we are thankful we see everything in vibrant colour. When we are thankful for how God has saved us and where He has placed us, we are able to fully embrace His grace in every season. I would even go so far as to say that almost any area of your life where you are having a hard time finding joy is because you’re missing thankfulness.

Thankfulness kills all of the enemies strategies to make us not embrace where we fully are in every season. The enemy tries to make us look at what we don’t have. Instead of being thankful for what we do have we get caught in this horrible cycle of comparing, and wishing we had something else. No one wants to live that kind of life. I can say that cause I’ve been doing it for way to long.

For me specifically I find that the darkness comes to try and convince me that my community isn’t enough. They aren’t something that I need them to be. These thoughts came one at a time, nothing to alarm me obviously. But I sat down this morning and realized that I had been convinced that I wouldn’t be happy until I moved “there” and had “those” people as my community.

That’s stupid because as I began to ask God about it I started to see my community as I should have these past couple months. They are legends. They are kind, gently, loving and compassionate. They laugh with me and cry with me, they listen well and give amazing advice. They let me be me, they don’t make demands. They pray for me, and they are honest with me. My community is EVERYTHING I could ask for and I wasn’t seeing it, OR enjoying it because I wasn’t thankful.

Thankfulness is a daily task. It’s EVERYWHERE in the bible. From beginning to end it’s there. I’m not even going to bring up one scripture cause IT IS FREAKING EVERYWHERE! That’s because God knows that thankfulness is the key to living the life He intended.

What area of your life are you struggling to find joy and contentment? Are you struggling to be thankful? It might be your job, your community, your house, your car, your stuff, or anything else in life. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you see those things like He does. Let thankfulness rise up in your heart as you begin to thank God for the life He has given you. Just the simple fact that He sent His son is enough to change our perspective on anything!

Let’s be known as people who are full of life because we are full of thankfulness.

For anyone and everyone who is in my community, I’m sorry for not being thankful for you. I love you all dearly and am so thankful for you.


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