“It’s on repeat”

As most of you probably know, Katrina and I have been working on our second album. It’s been a long and tedious process and it’s finally finished. We are just waiting on the final master to be finished before we send it off to printing! It’s an exciting and emotional time. Having poured so much of our lives and who we are into a project like this, we are definitely feeling super excited about the final product. We both feel really proud of the work we have done.

In my time this morning with the Lord I simply asked Him, “Papa, what do you think about the album?” God in His kindness, gave me this phrase.

“It’s on repeat!”

I don’t know about you but when I get my hands on a new album, I listen the crap out of it. I put it in the car and listen to it over and over and over again, (that is if it’s an album I actually like!) I got this overwhelming feeling this morning from God that He was so enjoying the music, but more specifically the worship that we had given.

Then I asked God this question, “Papa, why do you like it so much?” I’m not sure about you but in my life I’ve often found myself asking the question, “Why does God like worship so much?” I’ve never known God to be a ruling dictator who just demands that we worship Him. It’s not like He just loves to hear about how good or awesome He is! He’s the definition of humility. Humility only exists in Him, so it’s not like He is satisfied by just our worship. So I asked, “Papa, why do you like it so much?” His response to me was so beautiful! He said…

“Because it’s the sound of love!”

I’m getting teary-eyed right now even writing it out because God was opening up something for me. God doesn’t demand worship because He needs to hear about how great He is. He doesn’t need to hear about what He is like cause He already knows. The reason that God loves worship is because to Him it’s the sound of love. It’s exactly what He sent His son for, it’s the goal of Jesus’ life and ministry realized. People choosing to love God.

I have a picture, just go with me on this. I just picture God as a Father, mowing His lawn one day. He grabs His iPod and scrolls through. He chooses the artist (insert your name here). The artists playlist has so many songs, the songs are every time you have worshiped God– and no, I’m not just talking about with song– I’m talking about with anything, whenever you did ANYTHING for God’s glory. He presses play and as He mows the lawn He enjoys the “sound,” for lack of a better word, of your worship. Every time you loved some one with a kind word, it plays to Him on His headphones. Every time you prayed a prayer of thanks He hears it and smiles. It’s not because He delights in hearing about how good He is, it’s because He delights in you! He is, in that moment, getting the very thing He longed for, the very thing He died for! In my case, God picks my new album and mows the lawn listening and enjoying.

I don’t have a prompt or an encouragement from this, really, other than to know that God isn’t demanding your worship. The thing He is looking for is love. So I encourage you, worship God as love today, help someone, sing something, pray, do whatever but do it for love and know that God is enjoying it, celebrating it and so glad that you’re choosing love today!


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