Don’t Put Down Your Sword

It’s early, I’m sitting at the kitchen table in an Air BnB in Chelsea (London).

Neither Trin or I have posted on this blog in a long time but it’s something I’ve been really wanting to get back into. What better time to start than right now?

It’s quiet outside. It’s calm. I’ve got worship music quietly playing as I sit down to pray. The light is muted but somehow is still rushing into our little flat. “Take courage my heart, stay steadfast my soul” are the words of the song that’s playing. I like those lyrics because they are like preaching to yourself.

It’s curious isn’t it that we (or at least I do) often give advice or encouragement to people about the exact thing that we have a hard time believing. I don’t think it’s wrong, let me explain.

I just finished sending an email to a friend after having spent some time in prayer about that individual. One of the things that Jesus has graciously blessed me with is a deep understanding of God as a Father. I spent a lot of years thinking God was a slave-driver. An angry, disappointed and upset father. I thought He didn’t think I was good enough. I’m so thankful the Father of father’s has come and shown me that He’s not. He healed my heart and gave me new thoughts to think about him. I’ve taken hold of them, I’ve recited these truths to myself regularly. That He is “good, and by nature in a good mood.” That He is “proud of me and not disappointed.” That He is “smiling, rejoicing and even dancing with joy over my life, singing a new song of love everyday”. I love the gift of getting to pray for and email or text friends and family what I feel like God is saying over their lives. I often feel a deep and moving sense of God’s affection for his kids. This is what got me thinking.

“I often spend time telling people things that I believe and know so deeply about God but it’s hard to believe it for myself!”

You see, I know my destiny is to be a father. Not just in a natural sense but in a spiritual one as well. I know I was made to relay the heart of our father to others. To help young people like me come to the understanding that He’s better than you thought, He’s not angry but He’s FULL of unending love and passion for us. What I’m realizing again this morning is this.

If the devil can make you think that the thing God put in your hands isn’t a weapon, you can’t attack him.

The revelation of the father’s heart that God has given me is my weapon. The bible is the “sword of the spirit” because the truth’s found in it are for fighting. It’s the only piece of the armour of God that’s offensive. It attacks darkness. It’s terrifying to the enemy. He hates that I know the truth about who God is. The only thing he can do is yell, yell at me so loudly, lies that it’s not a weapon. Lies that I don’t actually have it. Let me tell you, it sounds a lot like yelling in my head sometimes. The accusing thoughts that come at me trying to make me feel like God’s upset, disappointed and frustrated with me seem unending some days. But I’m hear to remind you and myself (probably more myself) of something.

His yelling can’t actually do anything. The enemy’s yelling is just a sign of his frantic panic that you might realize that he has no power over you. He’s terrified that you might realize that all you have to do is just swing that HUGE sword in your hand and destroy him.

We swing the sword by declaring  and believing the truth we know about God.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to choose to swing my sword today. So here it is.

“God my father is ridiculously proud of me. He’s smiling over me! He’s not upset, disappointed or frustrated. When He looks at me His heart melts with love. He loves to give me His love. He affirms who I am and encourages me to be fully myself because He loves how He made me. God’s not measuring me like the world does, He’s not comparing me to my brothers and sisters in Christ! Or anyone else. He doesn’t have favourites but I’m his favourite!”

WOW, does that feel good or what?! So…

What do you need to declare today? Is the enemy attacking you with lies today? Go ahead, swing that sword of the spirit, the word of God, right at him and watch him go running away like a coward. He doesn’t stand a chance against the word of God! So go for it, even right now! I find it helps to do it out loud!



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