THE. REAL. DEAL. Trev and Trin are gifted and humble. While gifting may get you invited on to a platform, humility will get you invited back. They worked with us to prepare a set list of songs that our congregation knew, and they were very professional, flexible, and kind with our staff, volunteers, and congregation. Beyond that, they’re also really fun people to be around. I will definitely invite them back.
– Kellen Jones, Worship Arts Director of The Peoples Church

Trevor and Katrina passionately pursue Jesus in their personal lives. This passion overflows into their worship leading and ministry. They always bring a freshness and authenticity to their leadership that will encourage the whole body in their gift of worship.
– Ed Fontaine, Senior Pastor of Springvale Church

Trevor and Katrina bring such a genuine expression of worship when they lead. They are sensitive to the space they are in, and truly lead the congregation into the presence of God. Their voices stir something in the heart that propels believers straight into the throne room of God. I can’t say enough good things about working with this couple, and urge you to have them come minister at your church or event.
– Josh McCabe, Founder of RKLS Movement

It’s been a pleasure to have Trevor and Katrina leading worship on a regular rotation at Springvale for the past number of years. Two words that come to mind when I think of their leadership are passion and humility. They use their gifts and talents to passionately lead others in authentic, vibrant worship, while displaying a humble spirit in leading the congregation. These two are truly gifted and destined to lead the Church in worship!
– Jeff Boadway, Worship Director of Springvale Church